Current grant funding allocation

The Department for Transport sets the level of funding for Bikeability training. Funding covers Bikeability cycle training for a financial year (1 April to 31 March). 

The last bidding round took place in 2016. This set the yearly allocation for grant recipients until March 2020. From 2020, funding has rolled forward on an annual basis. These allocations have increased in 2020, 2021 and again in 2022. 

All grant recipients have signed and returned their offer letters and T&Cs. You can view your funding allocation on Link.

Changing grant funding allocation

You can request more funding or release funding which you no longer need on Link. You can also ask to move your funding from one module to another. Find out how to do this in our guide to Link.

The Trust will only approve extra funding if this is available. Your request may stay active for some time, before we can approve or decline it.

Future grant funding allocation

Grant recipients have now been contacted regarding their individual grant allocations for 2022/23. Please contact for more information.

Download the grant allocation form here.

How to deliver your allocation

You have two options to deliver your allocation

  • Act as a training provider and run Bikeability training yourself
  • Outsource delivery to one or more training providers

Everyone must register with the Bikeability Trust to deliver Bikeability cycle training. Training providers must register with the Bikeability Trust. Instructors must register with the Trust and hold the correct training qualification.


You must keep records of all financial and delivery information. The Bikeability Trust and the DfT may need these for audit purposes. Each year, a sample of grant recipients are chosen for an audit of the previous financial year.