You have two options to deliver your allocation.

  1. Act as a training provider and run Bikeability training yourself
  2. Outsource delivery to one or more training providers

If you act as a training provider yourself, you must follow our registration requirements for training providers. This includes:

1.General policies and procedures

  • Complaints 
  • Equal opportunities  
  • Safeguarding, including a reporting form 
  • Health and safety 
  • Emergency procedures  
  • Risk assessments (including Bikeability specific risk assessments)

2. Insurance

School Group Bikeability Trust

3. Operational procedures

  • A service level agreement. This must reflect your grant terms and conditions.
  • Booking forms for school, organisation or individual
  • Cancellation terms and conditions 
  • Monitoring systems to collate rider characteristics. This is required for grant payments
  • Internal quality assurance
  • Incident reporting (including serious health, safety, safeguarding and complaints)

4. IQA plan

For detailed information, visit our training provider section

Helmet Bikeability Trust