You have two options to deliver your allocation.

  1. Act as a training provider and run Bikeability training yourself
  2. Outsource delivery to one or more training providers

If you act as a training provider yourself, you must follow our registration requirements for training providers. This includes:

1.General policies and procedures

  • Complaints 
  • Equal opportunities  
  • Safeguarding, including a reporting form 
  • Health and safety 
  • Emergency procedures (including an incident report form)
  • Risk benefit assessments (including Bikeability specific risk benefit assessments)

2. Insurance

Grant recipients do not need to add a copy of their insurance or update their insurance expiry date on the grant recipient account on Link. All training providers must have insurance that covers their training activities and their employees.

If you are a grant recipient and training provider, you must update your training provider account on Link with your insurance document and the expiry date. This must be updated when you renew your insurance. Please speak to your insurance provider to ensure you have the correct level of insurance.

3. Operational procedures

  • Booking forms for school, organisation or individual
  • Cancellation terms and conditions 
  • Monitoring systems to collate rider characteristics. This is required for grant payments
  • Incident reporting (including serious health, safety, safeguarding and complaints)

4. Internal quality assurance

All training providers must have internal quality assurance in place. For detailed information, visit our training provider section

A female Bikeability instructor with a young girl on a bike