The Continuing Professional Development hub (CPD hub) is currently under development.  

This page will include interactive training to support your professional development. This will include training on topics related to Bikeability delivery including:

  • Moving groups 
  • Giving feedback 
  • Maximising delivery time 

 And many more

A child on an adapted bike being ridden by a man with a female instructor walking beside them

Have you watched our 2020 Autumn webinar series?

Emily’s Vision for the Future

Emily Cherry, Executive Director of the Bikeability Trust, paints her vision for the future of the Trust and Bikeability cycle training 

Inclusive Delivery 

Malcolm Coall, Bikeability instructor for Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, shares his tips to help instructors be inclusive during the Bikeability experience. 

Assessment, Feedback and Award Materials 

Outspoken Training discuss how to use the rider progression tracker, deliver constructive feedback and make the most of the Bikeability award materials.

IQA and EQA 

EQA panel member Gary Batchelor will offer his insight on both IQA and EQA, and how Bikeability providers can excel in both areas 

Observation and Mentoring 

Wendy Zakiewicz, a Level 3 Instructor Trainer from Life Cycle UK, shares an instructor’s perspective on observation and mentoring good practice 

Make your social media shine 

The Bikeability Trust team are joined by Derek Johnson, Bikeability instructor at City of York Council, to share top tips to make your social media shine