The Continuing Professional Development hub (CPD hub) is currently under development.  


This page will include tools, templates and resources to support your professional development. This will include 

  • Training needs analysis for training providers 
  • Training needs analysis for instructors 
  • Approved CPD training 

Signposting to CPD opportunities from other organisations 

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RDC instructor courses

The Bikeability Trust is committed to ensuring registered Bikeability providers and instructors are offered consistently high-quality continuing professional development (CPD) that addresses the strategic priorities of the Bikeability programme.

Build instructor skills and confidence

Approved CPD courses include the following content:

  • What is new in the 2019 Bikeability delivery guide?
  • The four core functions, systematic routines and independent decision making
  • Effective delivery: principles, practices, progression
  • Training activity structure and sequencing
  • National Standard assessment criteria
  • The Bikeability rider progression tracker
  • Bikeability award policy and certification practice
  • Planning, delivering and reviewing Bikeability Level 2 (practice element)

Prepare instructors for recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Approved CPD courses include the following content:

  • 1st4sport requirements for the RPL route
  • The instructor pathway from registration to certification
  • Using the 1st4sport Moodle
  • Tackling multiple choice questions
  • Downloading templates, saving and submitting work for assessment
  • The practical assessment
  • Bikeability Trust instructor registration requirements

How can I submit a course?

RDC instructor course approval 

Complete our application form 

Email for approval

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2019 Conference Resources

Active learning guidance

Bikeability Plus workshop

Delivery guide for instructors workshop

Delivery guide for managers workshop

EQA workshop

Inclusive delivery workshop

Instructor mentoring workshop

Introducing the new qualifications workshop

IQA workshop

Outsourcing delivery workshop