Schools, parents and families recognise Bikeability as the national standard of cycle training. 

You must register with the Bikeability Trust to deliver Bikeability across England. Only qualified instructors and registered training providers can deliver Bikeability.

To register with Bikeability as a training provider, you must have

1.General policies and procedures

  • Complaints 
  • Equal opportunities  
  • Safeguarding, including a reporting form 
  • Health and safety 
  • Emergency procedures  
  • Risk assessments (including Bikeability specific risk assessments)

You must upload your documents to Link. You will review and update them regularly.

If you are a local council, you can use generic policies and procedures.

If you only deliver Bikeability, we have created model policies for you to adapt and use. We hope you find these helpful.


2. Insurance

All Training providers need to hold valid insurance. Where relevant, this will include:

  • Public liability insurance. This will ensure coverage for attendees on courses. Sole traders can also hold self-employed insurance (public liability and possibly additional indemnity). 
  • Employers’ liability insurance. This insurance also covers volunteers and office staff. You must hold this insurance independent of your instructors’ contractual situation. 

You must renew your insurance every year. Your instructors must also hold valid insurance. You are responsible for checking this. 

It is your responsibility to find the correct insurance you need to protect yourself and the people working for you. We recommend you speak to your insurance provider to ensure you have the best policy for you.

Training providers may want to use an insurance broker to help buy insurance. British Cycling, Cycling UK and Butterworth Spengler also provide specialist insurance. 

3. Operational procedures

  • A service level agreement. This must reflect your grant terms and conditions.
  • Booking forms for school, organisation or individual
  • Cancellation terms and conditions 
  • Monitoring systems to collate rider characteristics. This is required for grant payments
  • Internal quality assurance
  • Incident reporting (including serious health, safety, safeguarding and complaints)
A man and a woman holding Bikeability certificates

Need more support?

The Bikeability Trust is here to support you. You can

We will work with you to ensure that you are compliant. Serious breaches which put riders or instructors at risk will lead to de-registration.

We will communicate any changes to these requirements by email and on this website. Please keep your contact details on Link up to date.

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