This information is for Bikeability training providers. If you are also a grant recipient, click here to find out how to complete your grant recipient renewal. If you are a training provider and grant recipient you must complete both renewals.  

Each year, you must renew your training provider profile on Link. This gives you the opportunity to review the documents and processes you have in place. You must complete your renewals each year because it is a requirement from the Department for Transport. 

You will be sent an automatic reminder email asking you to complete your renewal. To avoid deregistration, complete the renewal by the deadline. Please contact the Trust if you are having problems with the renewals process. 


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 Completing Your Renewal

If you have all the information prepared in advance your renewal should take less than an hour to complete. You can complete your renewal by following these steps:

  1. Login to your Link user profile and go to the training provider section.
  2. Select ‘options’ then ‘view renewals’ or scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Your renewal is made up of nine short sections.
  4. You do not need to complete it all in one go but can click ‘save progress’ at the bottom of the page and come back to it later.
  5. To submit your renewal add your name and press ‘complete renewal’

You can get ready for your renewal in advance. Renewals require data from the previous financial year. You will need the following documents and data to complete your renewal:

  • details of the people with access to your Link profile
  • details of your instructors (including DBS certification dates)
  • details on the number of non-grant-funded Bikeability places you have delivered
  • up-to-date copies of your required documents 
  • details of any Stage 1 complaints you have received, including complaint themes
  • details of any serious incidents or safeguarding incidents
  • up to date Internal Quality Assurance plan

Click on the sections below to find out more about what you need to do.

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The Information You Need

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Your Link profile includes a section called ‘related Link accounts’. There you will see a list of the people who can access your training provider profile.

If you need to change any of the details, please email the Trust. During your renewal you must then tick the box to confirm the information is correct. 

Your Link profile includes a section called ‘associated instructors’. You must check that all the instructors listed here deliver training on your behalf. You can remove and add instructors yourself if the list is incorrect.

You must confirm the information is correct. This includes confirming that all instructors have completed the essential training and you will need to input dates of DBS checks for all instructors. Find more information on DBS checks and how to input dates into Link here.

You must record the number of training places that were not funded by your Department for Transport grant. This includes any places paid for privately or from other funding sources. 

Before you complete your renewal, you must review your documentation on Link. You must do this each year.  

You can find out which documents you need here. 

You must then confirm the information is correct.  

You must collate all stage 1 complaints that you received in the last financial year. A Stage 1 complaint is a complaint received in writing that was resolved by yourself or the grant recipient without escalation to the Trust.

You must input the number of complaints per complaint theme. The complaint themes are:

  • Exclusion from training – Includes all incidents where the rider was asked not to continue training for any reason
  • Instructor conduct – All complaints relating to any inappropriate instructor behaviour/conduct (rude, shouting, swear words, negative language)
  • Safety – All complaints where there was an accident or injury sustained (not serious) or where complainant suggests riders were at risk/delivery was unsafe
  • Equipment damaged – All complaints where equipment/belongings damaged in some way during training
  • Complaint from another Bikeability professional – For example from an instructor or other training provider, this could be regarding ratios, delivery guide non compliance

In addition you will need to note if any of your complaints involve riders with SEND/Medical conditions.

You need to report all serious incidents that took place during the last financial year. These must also be reported to the Trust and the grant recipient within 72 hours of occurrence.

You must confirm that you have completed Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) checks in the last financial year. Find out more about IQA checks. 

You must also record if you have observed all instructors in the past financial year. 

If you have not observed all your instructors, then you must include this as a goal in your action plan. We expect all instructors to be observed at least once a year. 

You must input your Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) action plan for the year ahead.  

You should include the strengths and any areas for improvement you have identified during your IQA checks. 

You must add your goal and the actions you will take to achieve improvements in the areas you have highlighted. We will use this information to help us offer extra support to the Bikeability industry. 


You must confirm that: 

  • all information in the renewal is accurate  
  • you work within the latest requirements  
  • you deliver Bikeability as outlined in the Bikeability delivery guide.  

You then add your name and press ‘complete renewal’. You will receive an email to confirm your renewal is complete.