Why the Bikeability Trust is joining the call for governments to boost cycling

We’ve added our name to an open letter by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) to the world’s governments.

November 10, 2021


As delegates at COP26 turn their focus to transport, the Bikeability Trust is joining more than 250 organisations from across the world to call on governments to boost cycling levels at home and collectively commit to achieving a global target of higher cycling levels.

We’ve added our name to this open letter by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF).

Bikeability Trust’s Executive Director Emily Cherry said: “Whilst delegates at COP26 focus on the net zero ambitions of the maritime and aviation sectors, they are missing one of the most obvious tools we have in the fight against climate change – cycling.

“It is absolutely vital that world leaders understand the significance of cycling. Leaving the car at home and cycling those short, everyday journeys to school, work or the shops has a hugely positive impact our planet. It’s a simple swap that would slash carbon emissions across the world.

“At the Bikeability Trust we have taught 3.6 million children to cycle since 2007 and by 2025 it is our ambition to offer cycle training to every child. Today’s kids are the most climate conscious generation we have ever seen and many of them are keen to make more sustainable life choices, including how they travel.

“Despite the sustainable ambitions of this generation, far too often children cannot use their new found skills on the roads because parents believe roads are too dangerous. We welcome the Prime Minister’s continued commitment to teaching every child to cycle and his government’s continued investment in cycling infrastructure. But more is needed if we are to cut transport emissions to the levels needed to keep global temperatures within the 1.5°C limit.

“If every child who completed a Bikeability course last year cycled to school that would save 485 tonnes of CO2 emissions – enough to power 88 homes for a year.

“That’s why the Bikeability Trust is joining European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF to call on governments at home and abroad to significantly increase cycling numbers to help in the fight against climate change.”

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