Wayne Lifetime achievement winner 2022
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Wayne’s Story: 2022 Lifetime Achievement award

Wayne won the Lifetime Achievement award in the 2022 Celebration of Bikeability awards for his tireless work helping as many people as possible learn…

Hartej personal achievement and people's champion
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Hartej’s story: 2022 Personal Achievement and People’s Champion awards

Hartej won the Personal Achievement award and the People’s Champion award in the 2022 Celebration of Bikeability for his dedication and determination to learn…

The Ball family cycling together
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The Ball Family’s story: 2022 Family of the Year

The Ball Family won the Family of the Year award in the 2022 Celebration of Bikeability for their hard work promoting cycling among families…

Lilly in her bike helmet giving a thumbs up
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Lilly’s Story: 2022 Young Cyclist of the Year

Lilly won Young Cyclist of the Year award in the 2022 Celebration of Bikeability for her hard work to get her Bikeability Level 2…

Hannah on her bike smiling
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Hannah’s Story: 2022 Rising Star

Hannah won the Rising Star award in the 2022 Celebration of Bikeability for her work with Open Trail.

Becky Evans instructor of the year 2022
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Becky’s Story: 2022 Instructor of the Year

Becky won Instructor of the Year in the 2022 Celebration of Bikeability for her hard work inspiring as many people to learn to cycle,…

Bikeability instructor Gill with four trainee cyclists
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“I wish I’d done it sooner!”: Gill’s instructor story

For the last three-and-a-half years, Gill, a former caterer and cleaner, has been delivering Bikeability across Lancashire and she absolutely loves it.

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Anna’s Story: Instructor of the Year 2020

Winner of our 2020 instructor of the year award, Anna has delivered in 32 schools with an average feedback score of 9.6 out of…

cycling lessons near me
Your Stories

Case study: Robin

Robin, a Bikeability instructor in Bristol, shares his experience of teaching families to cycle.

Linda Robson
Your Stories

Case study: Linda Robson 

Linda Robson, Loose Women’s favourite Nannie, couldn’t ride a bicycle. But at the age of 63, Bikeability came to the rescue!

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Addison the “speed merchant!”

Jonathan is a Bikeability instructor in Plymouth. He worked with Addision during the national COVID-19 lockdown.

Alazar celebrating his cycle
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Alazar and his road to independence

Alazar always wanted to cycle on his own. His cerebral palsy meant that he rode a wheelchair bicycle, piloted by his family. But he…

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