Is it ever too late to learn to cycle? 

Bikeability hasn’t always been an option and we know plenty of adults have never learnt to cycle. But don’t worry – it’s never too late to learn! Cycling is a life skill and we are here to help you get pedalling.  

Adult cycle training is available across England, although this is not currently funded. Costs vary, so please contact your local training provider for more information. To find a course near you, visit our Find Cycle Training page and submit your postcode. 

If you’re worried about getting started, we want you to know 

  • It’s not that unusual. 80% of adults rarely cycle, if ever, and this increases for women and ethnic minorities. 
  • Learning to cycle doesn’t take as long as you might think! Our instructors can get the most nervous riders pedalling in under an hour. 
  • You won’t have to learn with children. You will complete your Adult course either one-to-one or in a small group of adults.  
  • You don’t even need your own cycle. Beryl Bikes offer free minutes for all Bikeability learners, so you can learn before you buy. 

But why cycle anyway?

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You’ll stop dreading that commute

Avoiding rush hour traffic jams saves you time. Cycle lanes and reduced traffic can shave time off your journey, whatever speed you pedal! 

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You can save plenty of pennies

Car parking, petrol prices, MOTs – forget it! Cycling is great for your wallet and there’s an option for every budget. 

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Cycling = trees!

Cycling helps protect the planet. Replacing 10km of driving with a cycle every week will save 172kg CO2 emissions a year – equal to planting 8 trees! 

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You’ll feel happier and healthier

Cycling improves your health, fitness and sense of wellbeing. It’s not just about losing a few pounds, regular cycling can clear your mind and reduce stress.  

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You’ll open up a whole new world

As well as helping the planet, you’ll see more of it. Explore cycle routes on your doorstep and discover local hidden gems.

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You will live longer

It’s simple; cycling increases your life expectancy. It reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer, improves your immune system and reduces the threat of pollution. 

The nation’s favourite Nannie learns to cycle!

Case study: Linda Robson 

Case study: Linda Robson 

Linda Robson, Loose Women’s favourite Nannie, couldn’t ride a bicycle. But at the age of 63, Bikeability came to the rescue!

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