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Download our logos here.

View and download images from our library.

Brand guidelines
How and when to use the Bikeability logos, as well as details on fonts, imagery and tone of voice.

Tips and useful information
Tips and information on PR and social media to help promote your training.

Some useful templates for you to use.

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Sign up for the monthly newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is the easiest way to find out the latest information from the Trust. We contact you using your email address on Link, so it is important to keep your information on this up to date.
If you do not receive emails from us: 

  • check your email is correct and up to date on Link 
  • check your spam or junk folder
  • contact your IT provider to check emails are not blocked
  • email and we will check you are on our mailing list 
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Social media

Join our instructor Facebook group
Bikeability instructors can join our private Facebook group, a dedicated space for active Bikeability instructors. You can share ideas, ask questions and work together to support one another. 

To join, you must provide your instructor number for approval. If you do not include this, we will decline your request. 

Follow us on social media
We use our social media to showcase cycle training across England. We love to hear your stories, so please tag us in your social media posts and we will share our favourites. You can also retweet and share any of our content across your own social media platforms that is relevant to your followers. Have a look at our social media tips above for more ideas. 

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How we can help

We can help support you by: 

  • sharing your content on our social media channels if relevant  
  • include your job listings in our newsletters for free 
  • offer you advice on events or other promotions you might be planning  
  • answer any questions about Bikeability 

If you need any help promoting your training, you can get in touch with us using the contact details in the section below. 

Contact information
If you have any questions about promoting your training, you can get in touch with our communications and promotions team on 

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