Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 2022 Bikeability Conference. Over 200 instructors, training providers and grant recipients joined us in Birmingham. The day focused on the theme of innovation and inclusivity, including speakers:

  • Emily Cherry, Chief Executive
  • Philip Darnton OBE, Honorary Patron
  • Isobel Clement MBE, Wheels for Wellbeing
  • Ian Tierney, Wheels for All
  • Dr Dan Bishop, Brunel University London
  • Dr Catherine Purcell, Cardiff University
  • Dr Kate Wilmut, Oxford Brookes University

We have now collected all feedback from the post-event survey. This information will help us shape the 2023 conference. If you have further feedback, please email

You can catch up on the day with our #BikeabilityConference hashtag.

An audience sits around round tables at a conference. At the front, a man smiles and claps

The talented More Than Minutes joined us to capture the conference in a unique way – by illustrating it! Rather than a more traditional recording or note-taking, we wanted to bring Bikeability to life and reflect the wonderful, varied industry and discussions of the conference. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Take a look at the final illustration here.

Presentation Slides

Please find below links to the presentation slides shown at the conference.

If you have further questions, please contact the speakers directly.

Strategy, innovation and inclusion

Emily Cherry explains the business plan objectives and key activities of the Trust for 2022-23. She also discusses the conference theme, innovation and inclusion.

Improving children’s ​on-road cycling with immersive reality

Dr Dan Bishop, Brunel University London, discusses an innovative pilot project to improve children’s on-road cycling using immersive reality cycle training.

Bikeability training for children with SEND

The Bikeability Trust’s Innovation Fund invested £300,000 into 19 projects to increase cycle training for children with SEND. Dr Catherine Purcell and Dr Kate Wilmut discuss the outcomes and learnings from the projects.

Making sessions fun and inspiring

Training providers, the Be Confident group, explore how to make Level 1 Bikeability cycle training more fun and inspiring.

Bikeability instructors and immersive reality

Bikeability cycle instructors explore how using immersive reality, as part of a project with Brunel University, affected their approach to cycle training.

Supporting children with SEND

Claire Edmeades, SENCO and Inclusive Lead, offers advice and guidance to support children with special educational needs and disabilities in a a mainstream setting.

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