Become a training provider

Want to become a training provider? Find out how to offer Bikeability cycle training.

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Training Provider

How to become a training provider

You must register with the Bikeability Trust to deliver Bikeability across England.

Requirements as a training provider

Everything you need to work as a Bikeability training provider.

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Serious incident reporting

Guidance on what to do if there is a serious incident during Bikeability training.



You can use complaints to support your business quality and staff development.


Equal opportunities and diversity

It is important to provide equal opportunities in your workforce, and provide cycle training for all.

Quality Assurance

We want you to offer the best cycle training you can. Find out more about Internal and External Quality Assurance.

Ensuring your quality

Internal Quality Assurance

Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) is essential to the Bikeability training programme. Here’s some guidance to help you with yours. 

Ensuring your quality

Observing your instructors

Regular observation of your instructors improves their confidence and skills.

Ensuring your quality

Instructor mentoring

Mentoring will help instructors to develop their skills. The relationship between a mentor and their mentee instructor builds confidence.

Booking training

Top tips to work with schools and example consent forms.

Booking training

School bookings

Ensure you have all the information you need from your school

Booking training

Parental consent

You must ask for consent from a parent or carer before a child takes part in Bikeability.

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Booking training

Rider characteristics

Rider characteristics are information related to a rider’s gender, ethnicity, SEND and eligibility for pupil premium.

Delivering training

Read the latest delivery guidance from the Trust.

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Delivering training

Delivery guides

Our guides show you how to deliver Bikeability across England.

Delivering training

Risk benefit assessment

You must carry out a risk benefit assessment to ensure that your training is safe.

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Delivering training


Guidance for delivering Bikeability sessions.

Award materials

Purchase certificates, badges and handbooks for your courses here.

Award materials


Purchase your award materials here

Award materials

Using award materials

How to use our badges, certificates and handbooks


Need some more help? We’re always here for you.

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How to use Link

Link is a system to store information on Bikeability professionals.

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Marketing and communications

Our marketing and communications team are on hand to support you.

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Bid Writing Support

This webinar will support you in writing funding bids and applications.

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