Your complaints policy

Dealing with complaints is an important part of operating an organisation. Complaints are useful. They are an opportunity to learn, not a nuisance. You can use complaints to support your business quality and staff development.

You must annually inform your grant recipient and the Bikeability Trust of any complaints. We will record the complaint, but you must act on and resolve it. You may escalate a complaint, according to your complaints policy.

If a complaint relates to operations or training delivery, we will work with you to resolve the situation. Serious breaches which put riders or instructors at risk will lead to de-registration. 

Your complaints policy should be available to the public at any time. 

We have put together some guidance for handling complaints that sets out best practice on dealing with both informal and formal complaints, and how to understand what constitutes a complaint.

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Our complaints procedure

If we receive a direct complaint about a training provider, we will refer this complaint to your grant recipient or directly to you if no grant recipient exists.

You must investigate the complaint and let us know the outcome.

You can adapt and use the following documents:

Model Complaints Policy