We all know that cycling will boost confidence, physical health and emotional wellbeing. So we didn’t want to stop at just Bikeability Level 1, 2 and 3.

That’s why we created Bikeability Plus; a suite of courses to meet your needs.

Our courses aim to complement and support our core training. We want to improve your skills and confidence, with a range of different options.

Young children in school uniform riding balance bikes

Our Bikeability Plus modules

Our Plus courses are open to anyone – simply ask your local training provider to find out more!


Prepare for Level 1

Generally aimed at 4 – 7 year olds 

Develop cycle handling and awareness skills

Build confidence ahead of future training


Cycle together to and from school

Perfect for children, parents and school staff

Learn the best route, build confidence and inspire active travel


Learn the essentials of cycle maintenance

Ideal to ensure your cycle is always road-worthy

Repair a puncture and replace an inner tube

Learn to Ride

If you can balance but can’t pedal, this is the course for you

Suitable for all ages

Generally taught after Balance but before Level 1

On Show

Showcase your skills!

The chance for parents and teachers to see Bikeability in action

A great way to show off how we teach cycling


A taster session to show parents what Bikeability is all about

Boost confidence to help adults cycle with children

Inspire families to cycle together beyond Bikeability


Discover Bikeability; come and have a go!

No pressure, simply fun

Join a fun and engaging taster session


Give cycles a new lease of life

Learn how to repair unused, old or damaged cycles and find them a new home

We give away all cycles for free to those who need them most


Learn how to get from A to Z

Build confidence along a pre-planned route.

This could include a school run, cycle to work or the local park.


Learn how to cycle to your new secondary school

Our instructors will teach you how to cycle from your primary to secondary school

Cycle as a group and discover the joy of cycling to school


It’s never to late to learn

We can teach anyone to cycle, regardless of age.

Find out more



Experience the freedom of cycling as a family

Learn how to cycle and build confidence together 

Find out more


family cycling, family cycle
family cycling, family cycle

Stories from our Bikeability champions

“I feel really happy and relaxed when I ride my bike, and it’s given me independence and freedom. “


“It really is a joy to watch our son Josh cycle with a big smile on his face and it brings a tear of happiness to our eyes.”


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Let’s find your closest cycling course

family cycling, family cycle

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