Internal quality assurance (IQA) means assessment and monitoring of the quality and standards of an organisation from within.  

IQA is an essential part of the Bikeability training programme. It aims to ensure quality and consistency of training and management by monitoring all aspects of programme delivery.

As a training provider you should place ‘improvement’ at the heart of delivery. A supportive and collaborative feedback culture requires a strong commitment from everyone to continuously improve. A training provider without IQA is at risk of poor or even dangerous delivery.

What is it?

Internal Quality Assurance should: 

  • ensure consistent quality delivery and management
  • continuously improve the competence and confidence of instructors
  • support and motivate all programme professionals
  • develop a culture where feedback is welcomed
  • inform CPD programmes for industry professionals


Who is responsible for Internal Quality Assurance? 

All training providers of any size, should choose at least one staff member, who could be an instructor, instructor trainer or manager, to oversee the internal quality assurance. They are the ‘IQA lead’. The Trust recognises that not everyone will have previous experience in this role but you should be working towards this. Collaboration between training providers is also encouraged for this role. You may work in partnership to fulfil this role OR outsource to a 1st4sport Recognised Delivery Centre (RDC).

Download the IQA Lead job description
A girl during a Bikeability level 1 course

What if I am a small training provider?

In instances where the training provider is operating on a small scale, the training provider manager is likely to be the IQA lead. For example when:

  • You have no additional instructors, and work entirely on your own
  • You do not have the expertise to complete these tasks

If this applies to you, you should seek support from other training providers or a recognised delivery centre to carry out some of your internal quality assurance. It is also a good idea to join a regional network where good practice can be shared and support organised.

The Bikeability Trust runs a community of practice group that all IQA leads can join, and the quality assurance team can offer support in IQA. Please email for more information.

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How does it work?

A training provider nominates an IQA lead

IQA lead plans annual observation and mentoring schedule
The IQA Lead carries out observations on all instructors annually or more regularly as required
The IQA Lead supports instructors through mentoring and develops other mentors
The IQA Lead facilitates peer review

The IQA Lead supports the training provider manager in delivering the CPD programme

The training provider manager and IQA Lead inducts new instructors

The training provider manager/ IQA Lead completes their IQA checks/procedures and action plan.

IQA lead job description

Use this person specification and job description to support your IQA lead recruitment

Watch our webinar

Our Internal Quality Assurance webinar explains everything you need to know to embed IQA into your organisation. It also includes top tips from fellow training providers.