Since 2020, the grant funding for Bikeability has asked our training providers to provide anonymised data on the rider characteristics of children taking part in Bikeability (gender, ethnicity, pupil premium, SEND). This data is required in order to:

  • Ensure equitable funding distribution by identifying any gaps in training delivery. We want all children to be able to access Bikeability
  • Fulfil the requirements of the Department for Transport grant funded Bikeability terms and conditions

The Bikeability Trust and Department for Transport will use this data to compare the characteristics reported against school and local area population statistics. This will enable the Bikeability Trust to consider new and innovative ways to tackle issues of equality, diversity and inclusivity.

This data will be fully anonymised at the point of reporting to the Trust and we do not store this against any personal data (for example, name). This information allows us to release payment to the grant recipient and training provider.


School Group Bikeability Trust

Supporting documentation

Model rider characteristics collection form

For schools and group

Model parental consent form

Including rider characteristics

Model parental consent form

Without rider characteristics

Letter for schools

Explaining the legitimate basis of this data collection

Infographic for schools

An easy-to-digest version of the letter for schools

Rider characteristics webinar

The Bikeability Trust team is joined by Jane from Wiltshire Council and Beccy from the Active Wellbeing Society to discuss how they collect rider characteristics.


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Rider characteristics are information related to a rider’s gender, ethnicity, SEND and eligibility for pupil premium.

It is a grant requirement from the Department of Transport that grant recipients must upload anonymised rider characteristics to Link (Grant terms and condition letter, paragraph 4g).

The collection of rider characteristics will help us secure what is needed to deliver our collective ambition to reach every child. Rider characteristics are vital to demonstrate our impact and we thank you for your support to work with the Trust to secure the future of Bikeability.

Rider characteristics must be reported on Link from 1 November 2021.

After reviewing feedback from the industry, we will be implementing additional measures on Link. In order to allow us to make these development changes and for you to amend your processes, we have delayed compulsory reporting until 1 November 2021.

The following changes will be made:

  1. An additional “prefer not to say” field will be added to each category. If a school or individual chooses not to disclose on one or more of these categories, this prefer not to say box may be used to submit your claim.
  2. Ethnicity will be extended to include the same categories requested by the National Office of Statistics. This means amending the forms you may have already changed. You may wish to use the model rider characteristics monitoring form as a guide.

The Department for Transport have now agreed to include a prefer not to say option. We will now be able to continue to fund children and schools who do not provide rider characteristics.

Please collect rider characteristics in line with your Data Protection and Privacy Statement, adhering to your GDPR approach.

In order to provide more support, we have outlined two options and created accompanying model forms. We recommend Option 1 as the most effective collection of data, but we recognise that you may find Option 2 or another solution more effective for your business.

Option 1: Ask the school to report all rider characteristics anonymously.  This can either be done via the instructor with lead teacher / school office that is completed at the end of the training or emailed for completion.


Option 2: Ask parents to report individual rider characteristics through their consent form, before collating and anonymizing this data to report to the Trust.

Rider characteristics should be collected for the following

  • Levels 1 – 3
  • Balance
  • Learn to Ride

For Family courses, you do not need to collect any rider characteristic.

For Adult courses, you need to collect gender and ethnicity.  There will be a prefer not to say option.

Please report rider characteristics for attended figures only.

You can collect rider characteristics using our model parental consent form. We recommend you detach the rider characteristics sheet on collection to ensure anonymity.

Collecting rider characteristics is essential for the future of Bikeability. We strongly recommend that you collect this data to support us to offer training to all children. However, you may opt out by submitting “prefer not to say” for all riders.

You can watch a recording of our rider characteristics webinar on our Youtube channel.

Please get in touch with the Trust team by emailing and we will be happy to support you with any concerns or queries.