It is important to review your documentation and processes. This will help you improve as a training provider. As a Bikeability training provider you need to have a document outlining which checks and procedures you follow to assure your quality. You are required to review this document at registration renewal and produce and IQA action plan. 

What do I include in my checks and procedures? 

Your IQA checks and procedures document should include:  

  • Observation of instructors and mentoring 
  • Peer review 
  • Instructor recruitment and induction 
  • IQA review of procedures 

The review of procedures may include the following documents:

  • Feedback forms from riders, schools, parents and instructors 
  • Health and safety and safeguarding incidents and their outcomes 
  • Complaints and their outcomes 
  • Instructor observation reports and the actions set. 
  • Notes from any CPD sessions
  • Individual instructor CPD plans and their progress against the plans
  • Risk benefit assessments
  • Rider tracking documents and achievements
  • Last annual IQA action plan (if available)
  • Last EQA report (if available) 

There also needs to be a commitment to take all the information learnt from the above and feed it into an action plan to drive improvement.  

You can adapt and use the following documents:

Model IQA checks and procedures

IQA self-assessment and action plan

An instructor stands watching a student cycle