The Ball Family’s story: 2022 Family of the Year

The Ball Family won the Family of the Year award in the 2022 Celebration of Bikeability for their hard work promoting cycling among families and others with disabilities.

November 28, 2022

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The Ball Family are a pedalling powerhouse! With a garage full to the brim of cycling equipment from tandems to trailers, the Ball Family’s ‘love for cycling is infectious’.  

Kate is disabled herself, and mother to four amazing children, two of whom are neurodiverse. Despite her challenges, Kate is committed and determined to doing the thing the whole family loves – cycling! They can usually be seen on the commute, riding their ‘unicorn sticker adorned e-tandem’, little ones in tow.  

The Ball Family are the only family to cycle the school run, and Kate works tirelessly to campaign for safer streets so others can join them. Kate, Geoff and family are ‘trailblazing the way for more families to ride together’. 

“We’re going to keep cycling and keep campaigning until everyone has safe, comfortable access to active travel for all the journeys they want or need to make- we’re in this for the long haul!” Kate Ball 

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