Hannah’s Story: 2022 Rising Star

Hannah won the Rising Star award in the 2022 Celebration of Bikeability for her work with Open Trail.

November 28, 2022

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Hannah is a ‘self-starter’ with an infectious passion for Bikeability. She works tirelessly for her organisation Open Trail, to get children confident and happy in their cycling, from balance to beyond Bikeability.  

Despite only being in the industry a short time, Hannah is believed to have ‘something very special’ about her approach to children & cycle training. To Hannah, every child matters, and her delivery inspires not only new skills, but also ‘resilience and self confidence’. 

Hannah opens up new avenues for Bikeability training, striving to reach people who would not traditionally get the chance to ride – working hard to reach people on low incomes, SEND children, and the BAME community. Countless parents and guardians praise her transformative effect on children – ‘no child leaves a session with Hannah without a huge grin’! 

Hannah in fancy dress pushing her bike

“Bikes are a wonderful tool for giving children a huge boost in their confidence when they master riding for the first time or their latest riding challenge, bikes test what great things they can achieve and give opportunities to support each other whether it be with their classmates or their family. I help children experience this every day and it is magical to be part of their learning journey with them.” Hannah Escott

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