Top tips – getting back into cycling

How do you get back into the saddle if you haven’t cycled for a while? We have some top tips to help you.

May 30, 2023


The weather is getting better and the days are longer, making it perfect cycling weather. Perhaps your child has also recently taken part in a Bikeability course and wants to get out and about on their cycle. There are lots of great reasons to get back into the saddle, and even if you haven’t cycled for a while it’s worth giving it a go. 

Remember, you never forget 

The saying that something is ‘like riding a bike’ is a cliché for a reason – once you learn to cycle, you never forget! Even if you haven’t been on a cycle since you were a kid, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you pick it up again. Sure, you might be a bit wobbly at first, but a few turns around the block and it will all come rushing back. Muscle memory is magic! 

Make sure your old cycle is fit for purpose

If you’re dusting off an old cycle that’s been sitting in your shed or loft getting rusty, give it a once over before you climb on. We have a helpful blog on cleaning your cycle, which is a good start. If you aren’t confident in your cycle maintenance skills, then take it to a cycle shop or mechanic who will be able to make sure it’s roadworthy. 

If your old cycle, bedecked with spokey-dokes and handlebar streamers, isn’t the right fit for you now, then you might want to think about buying a new cycle.  

Try a cycle rental scheme  

Before you rush out and buy a brand new cycle though, why not see if there is a cycle hire scheme near you. Our partner Beryl has a number of hire schemes across the country, that include e-bike and cargo-bike options, depending on where you live. You can find more information on the scheme here and find out if there are Beryl cycles near you. 

Start out short and sweet 

Maybe signing up for a 50-mile ride straight out the gate is your thing, but if you’re slightly more sensible, start out with some shorter local rides. You could try a trip to your local shops instead of driving, or cycle to your local park or a friends house.  

Look for some off-road routes before you take on any tricky roads. We have a blog post on finding local cycle routes that suit your needs. Before you know it you’ll be commuting to work regularly, and trying to convince the kids that yet another cycle at the weekend is a great idea!  

Join a cycle group near you 

A great way to get out and about on your cycle more is to join a cycling group. They are generally friendly, welcoming groups full of people from all walks of life. Whether you want to go on long rides and rack up your mileage, or just want some people to pedal with, there’s a group for you. Check out our blog post on cycle groups for more info. 

However long it’s been, it’s never too late to get back into the saddle and cycle off into the sunset! You can find out about family cycle training near you, as well as other Bikeability courses here. 

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