Cycle to Work Day 2023

Cycle to work this week to win some fantastic prizes.

July 31, 2023


Cycling is a great way to get to work, and this year the UK’s biggest celebration of cycle commuting is back on Thursday 3rd August 2023! Are you ready to get out there and ride? 

Whether you’ve never cycled before, not ridden in a while or cycle every day, Cycle to Work Day is for you. It’s a day to get in the saddle and experience the brilliant benefits everyday cycling offers – mental, physical and financial – first-hand. 

On top of all those benefits there are also some great prizes to win, including cycle rental membership, a Fitbit Charge, big-name gift cards and more! And if you don’t have a workplace to cycle to, don’t worry you can still take part. Whether you’re cycling to the shops, picking the kids up from school or cycling for leisure, just log a ride on the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community on Cycle to Work Day for the chance to win. 

To help you get going, we’ve put together our top four tips for cycling to work. 

Find a fun route! 

Pick a route you’ll enjoy riding and you’re more likely to do it again. Are there canal tow paths, cycle paths or parks between you and your destination? Taking a detour somewhere pretty might add some time to your ride, but it will make it much more enjoyable. Check out our blog post on planning routes for some great places to find routes near you. 

Take it easy 

It’s probably best not to use your commute as a time trial, even if you’re a seasoned cyclist with clippy shoes and everything. Take it easy instead and enjoy the journey. You’ll arrive at work relaxed, rather than sweaty and panting. If you can’t help trying to beat your personal best on some of the quieter sections, pack a change of clothes so you can be comfortable at work for the rest of the day. 

Be prepared 

Make sure your cycle is in good working order – a mechanical failure on the way to work is no fun. Punctures do happen however, so it’s a good idea to have some basic kit with when you’re cycling. You can find our guide to repairing a puncture here. It’s also worth finding out if there are any cycle shops near your work. A lot of them can repair a puncture fairly cheaply, which is a good option if you don’t have time to do it yourself and don’t fancy pushing your cycle home! 

Try a cycle hire scheme 

If you don’t have a cycle but want to log a ride to enter the Cycle to Work Day competition, you might be able to hire a cycle. There are schemes all over the country where you can hire cycles to help you get around, including e-bikes! Why not check out our partner Beryl and see if they have cycles near you. 

Find out more about the Cycle to Work Day and Cyclescheme here. 

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