Top tips – tool box essentials 

We have some top tips on the tools you need to do a bit of basic maintenance on your cycle.

August 30, 2023


If you cycle regularly, you will no doubt have had a puncture or two, or three. Having the right tools to do some basic maintenance could keep you pedalling safely. Even if you take your cycle to a bike mechanic or shop for regular maintenance, it’s good to have some tools to get you started. 

We’ve put together a list of the top five tools that are essential to keep you cycling. 

Inner tubes 

Ok, technically not a tool, but inner tubes are a must have! It will make it much quicker when changing a puncture – you can put the new tube in and find and fix the puncture on the old one later. Keep at least two in your tool kit and you should be sorted.  

Tyre levers 

Getting your tyres off your cycle to change your inner tube is impossible without tyre levers of some sort. You will need a minimum of two, so you can lever one bit of your tyre out and then hook it under a spoke. You can then use the other lever to get the rest of the tyre out without damaging the wheel rim.


Once you’ve changed your inner tube, you need a way to inflate them. If you’re doing it in the wild, then a small hand pump you can keep in a bag will do the job until you can get home. Even without a puncture, your tyres will need to be pumped up every now and then. This is where a track or floor pump comes in super handy. They are much easier and faster than hand pumps, and will show you exactly what your tyre pressure is. 

Allen or torx key set 

These are really useful as lots of cycles have components, like saddles and brakes, that need allen or torx keys to undo or tighten them. Torx key fittings are becoming more common on cycles, so before you buy a set check which fittings you have.  


A multi-tool has lots of different tools on it, often including allen or torx keys, and some other commonly used tools. If you are only planning on fixing the odd puncture, you might not need one of these, but if you’ve ever found part of your cycle needs tightening and you don’t have the exact right tool for the job, then this is what you need. 

We have some more tops tips on repairing a puncture here, plus a blog all about how to clean your cycle here. 

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