Your Renewal

Each year, you must renew your instructor profile on Link. This gives you the opportunity to review the documents you have in place so you can continue to deliver Bikeability as a registered instructor.  

Renewals are important because: 

  • it helps us protect Bikeability riders by ensuring each instructor’s safeguarding and first aid training, and qualifications are up-to-date 
  • you must be registered with the Trust to deliver cycle training under the Bikeability brand. Your employer cannot receive funding for any Department for Transport funded Bikeability if you are not registered as an instructor 
  • we know how many instructors are delivering Bikeability, which helps us secure future funding, including instructor training bursaries and support 
  • if a complaint is made about your conduct, the Trust will check your registration record.

You will be sent an automatic reminder email asking you to complete your renewal. Your associated training providers will be able to see your renewal status through Link. If you do not complete the renewal by the deadline, you will be deregistered. Please contact the Trust by emailing if you are having problems with the renewals process. 

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How to complete your renewal

 If you have all the information prepared in advance your renewal should take less than half an hour to complete. You can complete your renewal by following these steps: 

  1. Login to your Link profile and go to the instructor section.  
  2. Select ‘options’ then ‘view renewals’ or scroll to the bottom of the page.  
  3. Click on the three dots to the right and then click ‘edit renewals’ to begin. 
  4. Your renewal is made up of six short sections.  
  5. You do not need to complete it all in one go but can click ‘save progress’ at the bottom of the page and come back to it later. 
  6. To submit your renewal press ‘complete renewal’ and it will be automatically submitted then approved. 

You can get ready for your renewal in advance. You will need to do the following before completing your renewal: 

  • Check all your contact details and qualifications are up to date 
  • Check that the training providers associated with you are correct  
  • Review all essential training you have completed to ensure it is no more than three years old 

Click on the sections below to find out more about what you need to do. 

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What You Need to Renew

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Please confirm that all of your personal details are correct. If anything is incorrect, then please go to the main section of your profile and amend. You can return to the renewals process afterwards. 

Please check that the instructor qualification listed is correct. If anything is incorrect please email and we can amend this for you. 

Please add the date of completion for both your first aid training and safeguarding training. This date must not be more than three years old. You can also upload your training certificates, in the document section of your main profile, although this is optional. Once this is completed you will get helpful reminders when your essential training is about to expire. Your associated training providers will also be able to see this information. 

You must also complete our SEND e-learning, available on your Link profile. You have until 1 April 2024 to complete this training. When you complete the online training this box will autofill, so you don’t need to add a date manually.  

Please confirm that the training providers associated with you are correct. If you do not work for any of the training providers listed please contact them directly or and we can investigate. 

Please state whether you have delivered Bikeability in the current financial year 1 April to 31 March. This is any Bikeability delivery on behalf of a registered training provider including private funded delivery and Bikeability for adults. 

Please tick to confirm and then click ‘complete renewal’ to finish the process. 

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