Beryl Bikes

The Bikeabilty Trust has partnered with Beryl Bikes to offer exclusive access to their bikes. All instructors who live or work in the following can claim 300 free minutes to use within these designated operating zones:

  • Norwich
  • Hereford
  • Watford
  • Bournemouth
  • Christchurch
  • Poole

Any learners over the age of 16 years old can also claim 300 free minutes, thanks to this exclusive partnership.


How can I access a Beryl Bike?

To access a bike, riders can download the Beryl app and use it to unlock the nearest bike. Once your ride is complete, close the lock on the bike to complete their ride and make it available for the next person to use.

How can I access 300 free minutes for myself?

As a Bikeability instructor, you can claim 300 free minutes to use whilst you teach or travel to work. To claim your unique single-use code, email and ask for an instructor code.

How can my learners access 300 free minutes?

All learners over the age of 16 can also claim 300 free minutes to use with Beryl. Each code is unique and single-use only, so each student must receive an individual code. Please email with the number of student codes you require.

What happens after my learner completes their Bikeability course?

To help learners continue their cycling journey, Beryl has offered all learners 15% off all Beryl minute bundles after they have completed their course. This code is BIKEABILITYBERYL. There are different options available for payment so learners can choose the best option for their ride. Read more

Any questions?

Find out more about Beryl by visiting their website
For more information about this partnership, please email

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Frog Bikes

The Bikeability Trust have partnered with Frog Bikes to offer you discounted bicycles. Frog Bikes offer high quality children’s bicycles, designed specifically for children.

This discount will allow you to offer hire or loan fleets for cycle training. Children can access cycle training, without the need to own their own cycle.

Registered Bikeability professionals can buy Frog Bikes with a 25% discount. This is a discount from the RRP, excluding VAT.

For example, the Tadpole bikes costs £160 RRP, including VAT. You can buy this bike for £100, excluding VAT.

To receive this offer, complete the following:

  1. Go to Frog Bikes trade website
  2. Select business type as “trainers”
  3. Insert your Bikeability ID number into reference 1
  4. Insert your mechanic qualifications or details into reference 2. Bike builders must have at least a Level 2 Cytech, City&Guilds in cycle maintenance or equivalent.
  5. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email. You will then be able to order Frog Bikes online with the discount.

Any questions?


Child doing Bikeability training on a Frog bike
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Stories from our Bikeability champions

“I feel really happy and relaxed when I ride my bike, and it’s given me independence and freedom. “


“It really is a joy to watch our son Josh cycle with a big smile on his face and it brings a tear of happiness to our eyes.”


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