We ensure the Bikeability programme is delivered to quality standards via our quality assurance programme.  

If we have concerns about your quality, we will work with you to resolve the situation. If you do not act within an agreed timescale, this will lead to deregistration which means you will be unable to deliver Bikeability. 

If there is a safeguarding or serious incident then you may be automatically deregistered whilst we conduct an investigation. You can request a copy of our safeguarding and serious incident policies at any time. 

Quality issues involving individual instructors should be dealt with by the training provider in the first instance, unless it is a safeguarding or serious incident in which case the instructor may be deregistered whilst we conduct an investigation. 

Please see possible reasons for training provider deregistration listed below. 

Health & safety or safeguarding incident due to training provider negligence 
Use of unsupervised provisionally qualified instructors; use of unqualified staff  
Essential training not being completed including: DBS checks, 1st aid and safeguarding training,  
Violation of grant terms and conditions   
Serious complaint about delivery or response unsatisfactory / unprofessional   
Not using complete award packs 
Ongoing breach of inclusion agenda  
Cycle training not delivered according to Bikeability delivery guides. 
Issues in management, may include: policies, IQA, instructor development 
Annual renewal missed  
Insurance expired  

Deregistration is always the final step. We will support you as much as possible to ensure this does not happen.

If you are deregistered, we will inform your grant recipient immediately. You will be unable to deliver Bikeability.  

You may appeal a deregistration. To appeal the deregistration please email contactus@bikeabilitytrust.org.uk and depending on the circumstances the appeal will either be dealt with by the Trust or Active Travel England.