Bikeability funding available for football clubs

Giving young people the ability to cycle boosts their independence, saves money and helps save the planet. But when young people don’t have the skills to get around under their own steam, they may be unable to take part in local activities – like football sessions at your club.

The Bikeability Trust is making funding available to football clubs so they can get their coaches trained as cycling instructors at no cost. Because they have skills in coaching already, it’s easy for your coaches to become qualified Bikeability instructors through our Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) route. The RPL route reflects that coaches already practise coaching, and focuses purely on the skills needed to deliver cycle training.

Once your coaches are trained as Bikeability instructors, they’ll be able to support more young people in your community to travel to football programmes, helping to boost participation. Coaches will benefit from the skills, personal development and employment opportunities that come with being a Bikeability instructor. The young people they teach will gain the independence, confidence and health benefits that come with learning to cycle safely. And there are lots of benefits for your club too. Showing your club supports cycling and cycling safety can change how fans travel on match days, which can have a positive impact on climate and air quality goals. And supporting your coaches to develop their skills boosts their potential to secure different kinds of coaching work, meaning they’re more likely to stay on as coaches with your club.

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How does it work?

Once you’ve confirmed your interest, we’ll work with you to confirm the details of coaches you’d like to undertake the training, and your preferred venue.

We’ll then arrange for a training provider to deliver the training to your coaches, at no cost to your club.

Once your coaches are qualified as Bikeability instructors, they’ll be able to deliver cycle training to young people in your area – helping them to develop their physical and mental health, grow their confidence and skills, and develop relationships in their community.

Please note this funded offer is for professional football clubs in the Premier League, Championship and English Football League; we cannot currently extend this offer to grassroots clubs at the current time.

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A group of children cycling on the road as part of their Bikeability lesson.