A “new” instructor can be new in different ways. They include

  • recently qualified instructors
  • experienced instructors who are new to the organisation
  • instructors returning after a break.

It is important to help a new instructor settle in. To support them, you can:

  • Arrange an interview with the training provider manager or IQA lead. They will challenge the instructor to identify what and how they can improve
  • Arrange for the new instructor to observe a training session
  • Arrange for the new instructor to be observed delivering a training session. This offers an opportunity for feedback and support
  • Assign an experienced instructor to mentor and support the new instructor

A new instructor must also:

  • Read and sign an induction document. This will confirm that they have read all policies and procedures.
  • Understand specific processes for the following:
    • Bookings and course cancellations
    • Equipment
    • Code of conduct
    • Risk/benefit assessment
    • Safeguarding processes
    • Consent forms
    • Rider progress tracking document
    • Emergency procedures and incident report forms
    • Instructor observations
    • Mentoring/peer reviews
    • CPD requirements

Training providers must also ensure that:

  • Safer recruitment measures are in place for recruitment. Check your safeguarding policy and ask for proof of candidate interview and references
  • A DBS check is completed for the new instructor. This must be no older than 3 years
  • The new instructor holds first aid training. This must be no older than 3 years
  • The new instructor holds a safeguarding training qualification. This must be no older than 3 years
  • The new instructor completes our SEND e-learning, available on their Link profile
  • If the new instructor is self-employed, they must hold public liability insurance
  • Instructors are registered on the Link database
  • Provisionally qualified instructors never work alone