We want to ensure consistent, high-quality delivery of Bikeability across the country. As a registered training provider, regardless of size or delivery reach, you can access the quality assurance programme free of charge. The programme aims to support you with your IQA and in all aspects of Bikeability.  

We offer support and mentoring meetings to all registered Bikeability training providers. 

Our quality assurance consultants can offer one to one support on a range of topics such as: 

  • internal quality assurance
  • instructor continued professional development
  • Bikeability delivery
  • mentoring

You may need support and mentoring

  • when you have new administrative staff and handover has been insufficient 
  • when staff take over a new area of responsibility
  • when you need help to develop your IQA plan
  • when a new IQA lead needs development and support

The support and mentoring meetings are guided by you. The consultant will set up a first meeting and will discuss your needs as a training provider. You are allocated 7.5 hours of time with a consultant in the first instance. The consultants will write a short report for the Trust, outlining their support at the beginning and the end of your sessions.  

Support and mentoring sessions are usually followed by an EQA visit in person that will be organised by the Trust. 

As a training provider you can nominate yourself for support and mentoring.

To take part please email contactus@bikeability.org.uk a member of the operations team will be in touch.

Please note this is only for training providers and individual instructors cannot self refer.

Instructors chatting and giving thumbs up