We want to ensure consistent, high-quality delivery of Bikeability across the country. As a registered training provider, you can access support and mentoring. We can offer support in two different ways

From the Bikeability Trust

The Trust team are on hand to offer support and advice. We can help you with

  • management
  • policies
  • procedures
  • accessing and using Link

From a quality consultant

Our quality consultants can also offer support and advice. They can offer one to one advice on topics including:

  • internal quality assurance
  • instructor continued professional development
  • one to one support
  • peer mentoring
  • online or face to face meetings

You may need support and mentoring

  • when new administrators move in and handover has been insufficient
  • when staff take over a new area of responsibility
  • when you need help to develop your IQA plan
  • when a new IQA lead needs development and support
  • when you identify a specific professional development need that you cannot provide

Quality consultants will write a short report for the Trust, outlining their support. They will outline any actions for you and recommend any further support.

You will also receive a copy of this report. You must add any action points to your IQA plan and share this with your grant recipient.

You can self-nominate yourself for support and mentoring. To take part, please email contactus@bikeability.org.uk