What is continuing professional development?

Continuing professional development (CPD) describes the ongoing learning and training in your career. This helps you to develop and improve.


Who is responsible for continuing professional development?

Both you and your instructors are responsible for continuing professional development. Instructors should seek out opportunities and record their CPD.

Training providers, IQA leads and other experts can offer CPD. You may wish to collaborate with other training providers or recognised delivery centres. Our CPD pages also offer some ideas.


What CPD would be most helpful?

To help select topics for CPD you can review:

  • Instructor requests and self-evaluation
  • IQA instructor observation reports
  • Peer review reports
  • Mentoring session notes
  • Feedback from riders, parents or schools
  • Incident/accident report forms
  • Complaints
  • Changes to the Bikeability scheme/delivery guide
  • Changes in legislation

You can find more guidance and information in our CPD section. Keep checking back, as we continue to develop and grow our content and resources.

An instructor stands watching a student cycle