External Quality Assessment (EQA) is the process of checking the quality of a business. A quality consultant will visit and review your business. This is then reported to the Trust.

We arrange EQA visits for at least ten percent of training providers every year. 

Triggers for an EQA visit could include:

  • self-nomination
  • random selection by the Bikeability Trust
  • revisit to check on EQA recommendations
  • serious incidents (health & safety, safeguarding)
  • concerns over delivery practice
  • concerns about diversity and inclusion
  • management concerns, including policies and procedures
  • lack of instructor development
  • whistleblowing from staff or instructors
  • new training providers

What happens at an EQA visit?

  • Our quality consultants will visit you to see your business in action
  • Visits will last one or two days. This will include one day observing training with your IQA lead. They may also meet with your management to discuss paperwork
  • The quality consultants use set forms to review your business which can be found here
  • Quality consultants will write a short report for the Trust, outlining their support. They will outline any actions for you and recommend any further support
  • You, and your grant recipient if applicable, will receive a copy of this report
  • You must add any action points to your IQA plan and share this with your grant recipient
  • All actions will be followed up by the Bikeability Trust in the following six months
  • You nominate yourself for an EQA visit. To take part, please email contactus@bikeability.org.uk


Download the forms used during EQA visits so you can understand what our quality consultants are looking.

Management Quality Form

Delivery Quality Form

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