What is Link?

Link is a system to store information on Bikeability professionals. You can use it to list information about your business and ensure your workforce are up to date. You will also use it to complete your renewal and store all your important Bikeability documentation.

As well as the information on this page we have put together a guide on using Link for grant recipients you can access here.

Getting started: log in

You can add a new user to your grant recipient account at any time. Email grants@bikeability.org.uk with the new user’s full name and email address. The Bikeability will create a new account for the user and they will receive a welcome email. The welcome email will include a link to the Link system to create a password and sign into the system. 

You can log into Link using your email address and password.

Forgotten passwords can be reset through the sign in page.

If you are also a training provider or instructor, your Link profile will have access to more than one account. You can find out more about using Link as a training provider here and as an instructor here.

Why do I need to use Link?

At the start of each financial year, you will receive a grant ID. This will tell you the number of places and funding that you will receive for the year. You will also receive this information in your grant letter.

Link shows your allocation, claims made and remaining funding. You can manage all grant funding from your Link account.

Keep your contact information up to date

It is important to keep your information on Link up to date. We will contact you using your email address and telephone numbers recorded on Link.

You can provide a primary and a secondary email address. We will send automated emails about your Link profile to these. We will also send our monthly newsletter and other communications to these.

If you need to update users on your account, email grants@bikeability.org.uk

You must also associate your training providers with your account. If you are the training provider for your area, you must associate your own training provider account. To do this, go to “associated training providers” and “add” the correct account.

Changing funding

You can find out more about changing funding in our managing the grant section.

You can request more funding or release funding which you no longer need on Link. Go to the relevant grant and select the “change funding” tab. You can then increase or release funding.

The Trust will only approve extra funding if this is available. Your request may stay active for some time, before we can approve or decline it.

You can also ask to move your funding from one module to another. Go to the relevant grant and select the “move places” tab. You can then decrease or increase places for your modules. Link will convert your places into a monetary figure. Movements must not leave more than £50 between the total budget and allocation of budget across modules.

Reporting delivery

You can find out more about this in our managing and monitoring delivery section.

You can submit a claim for delivery on Link. You must log all delivery on Link against the correct grant. You must input the following:

  • number of children booked
  • number of children attended
  • type of course
  • location of training
  • school year group
  • training provider
  • instructor names
  • anonymised rider characteristics

This information will populate the total figures on the training delivery tab. 

Assessing Delivery  

You can use Link to compare your delivery allocations, booked places, attended places and claims. The deliveries tab will list all delivery logged on the system. You can generate a report by selecting “options.” 

Making a claim

You can find out more about this in our making a claim section.

You can make a claim on Link, once you have logged your delivery. Go to the relevant grant and select “claims,” then “make a claim.” The Link system will give you a maximum claimable figure, which includes an allowance for cancellations.

You will receive email confirmation of your claim. The Trust will then notify you when we approve your claim and when we pay your claim.


Each year, you must renew your grant recipient profile on Link. This gives you the opportunity to review the documents and processes you have in place. You must complete your renewals each year because it is a requirement of the Department for Transport. 

You will be sent an automatic reminder email asking you to complete your renewal. To avoid deregistration, complete the renewal by the deadline. 

 Click here to complete your grant recipient renewal. If you are a grant recipient and training provider you must complete both renewals.

We are always happy to help with your renewal. Email contactus@bikeability.org.uk for support.

We are always happy to help with your renewal. Email grants@bikeability.org.uk for support.

Help! I can’t access Link!

If you have forgotten your password, use the login page to reset your password. If you still cannot log in, email contactus@bikeability.org.uk.

Link works best on Microsoft Edge or Chrome. If you cannot access Link, try a different browser. Please do not use Internet Explorer.

If you still cannot access Link, email contactus@bikeability.org.uk with:

  • a screenshot of the problem
  • which browser you use
  • date and time of issue

A member of the team will be able to help you.

Log in to Link

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