Most Bikeability cycle training takes place in schools. We work with the DfT and the DfE to spread the word about Bikeability. Our website includes information for schools and instructions on how to access Bikeability.

Schools may contact you to find out how to receive grant funded Bikeability. It is important to respond promptly and professionally to any enquiries.

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Our Tools for Schools offer lots of resources which can help you promote Bikeability. These include:

We have also created a set of model booking forms. These help explain Bikeability to schools and parents, whilst collecting information. 

Our top tips when talking to schools

  • Get straight to the point. We all know how busy teachers are, so keep things brief and straightforward. If possible, use one form to gather all information and reduce admin time. Preparation is key to ensure that you have everything you need before a course starts. 
  • Bikeability is about more than cycling. Bikeability isn’t part of the curriculum (yet!) so it’s important to sell the other benefits of cycling. An active lifestyle improves both physical and mental health. Children are more alert, they are healthier, and they feel happier and more confident. During Coronavirus, it is also easier to socially distance and relieves pressure on public transport.
  • Bikeability helps schools stand out. The government rewards schools who embed Bikeability into their offer. Bikeability counts towards Modeshift STARS accreditation and the National STARS School Travel Awards. Ofsted value Bikeability and are keen to see schools show their extended curriculum. 
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