A class of children learn to cycle with Bikeability. They are lined up two-abreast with their bicycles, on a pavement adjacent to a residential road. The two children at the front are smiling, wearing safety helmets and high-vis vests.

Meet the Fleet: The Bikeability Trust and Tandem Cycle Group team up to get more kids pedalling

The fleet of 425 pedal cycles will enable more children to participate in Bikeability and learn the life skill of cycling.

A Bikeability student on a tricycle following an instructor

Help more children learn to ride

Take on a challenge and ride for Bikeability by signing up for the 2023 London to Brighton charity cycle ride.

Emily Cherry leans on a lectern, smiling and looking off camera. There is a banner with a repeat pattern of the Bikebaility logo behind her.

Relive the Bikeability Conference with Emily Cherry, CEO

Emily Cherry, CEO at the Bikeability Trust, shares her thoughts on the conference and its key theme – impact.

Two Bikeability students practising riding on the road as an instructor watches

The Bikeability Trust CEO responds to active travel funding cuts

Emily Cherry responds to the latest announcement from the Department for Transport.

A young boy wearing a high vis vest and riding a red bicycle cycles towards the camera. He is being followed by a man also on a bicycle.. They are cycling on the road.

We need a holistic approach to active travel to get more families cycling

The Bikeability Trust CEO Emily Cherry shares her thoughts as Active Travel England announces £200 million of funding.

Two children cycle into a side street from a main road. They are wearing coats over their school uniform and are followed by their mother, who is also cycling.

Put cycling on the curriculum to transform the school run

Emily Cherry, CEO at the Bikeability Trust, says we must equip the next generation with the skills they need to live sustainably

A group of five small children stand on balance bikes in a playground. A woman wearing a green parka stands with her back to the camera, teaching them.

In school cycle training pilot: training teachers to grow Bikeability

We want every child to grow up with the ability and confidence to cycle on the road. Our “in school cycle training” pilot aims…

A girl on a pink cycle waits at a t junction, she is wearing a pink helmet. There is a van approaching on the road, driving towards the camera. On the pavement an instructor points out the road layout to two children stood on the pavement.

How do we get our kids more active? Get them out of cars and onto cycles

Emily Cherry, CEO at the Bikeability Trust, shares her thoughts on the Sports England Active Lives Children’s Survey.

A group of school children are standing in a school playground, with Charlotte Worthington, Emily Cherry, and two Bikeability instructors. They are all wearing safety helmets, and smiling with their thumbs up.

Looking back on Bikeability success in 2022

At Bikeability we have had many successes over the course of 2022, and despite a slightly wild ride we have managed to keep a…

Three girls on cycles and wearing helmets smile at each other. They are stood in front of a building and hedge.

Bikeability partners with Decathlon to improve access to cycling

Bikeability and Decathlon are making cycling more accessible, highlighting the benefits of riding a bike, and offering a range of discounts.

Young child using accessible cycle

Helping every child access cycle training

As a nation-wide programme with the goal of offering cycle training to every child in England by 2025, the Bikeability Trust is working to…

Charlotte Worthingon is performing a BMX stunt in front of a group of school children, standing on a school playground. She is pictured in mid-air, with the group standing behind her smiling in admiration.

Bikeability teams with Halfords & Olympic gold medalist to give away almost 500 children’s bikes

Halfords newly appointed ambassador, Charlotte Worthington, takes part in Bikeability at a school in Leicester to celebrate the new initiative.

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