You have two options to deliver your allocation.

  1. Act as a training provider and run Bikeability training yourself
  2. Outsource delivery to one or more training providers

If you outsource delivery to training providers, you are responsible for them.

You can only outsource to training providers who are registered with the Bikeability Trust. You must check that they are registered with the Trust. You should also check that their cycle instructors are registered with Bikeability.

You will also need the following documents:

1. Service Level Agreement

To ensure quality training delivery, you will need to create a service level agreement (SLA). This defines the duties and responsibilities of both you and your training provider. It will outline the standards required to ensure high-quality Bikeability training.

Your SLA should reflect the terms and conditions in your grant agreement. 

Many grant recipients create an SLA using their legal department. If you need support, we are happy to help. Please email

A woman on a bike stands in front of a group of girls on bikes

2. Complaints policy and incident reporting

The SLA should include a process for handling complaints and incidents. This will include:

  • serious incident reporting to the Information Commissioners Office and the Charity Commission
  • safeguarding
  • risk to reputation
  • health and safety

Your training provider must report any complaints to you and the Bikeability Trust. You should outline in your SLA who responds to complaints and when they should be escalated. Serious breaches will lead to deregistration of your training provider.

To assist with the reporting of serious incidents you can use the serious incident report form template below:
Serious incident report form template

3. Training provider registration documents

Your training provider must follow our registration requirements. These are available in the training provider section. It is your responsibility to check that they follow correct procedure. If you or your training provider needs support, we are happy to help. Please email 

4. EQA and IQA

It is important to check that your training provider offers high-quality training. As part of your service level agreement, it is useful to use EQA and IQA.

Your training provider must create an internal quality assessment (IQA) plan. It is your responsibility to check that this plan is up to date and acted upon. Guidance for creating an IQA plan is in our training provider section.

It is also useful to engage with our external quality assurance (EQA). Find out how to self-nominate for EQA here.