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2. Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to read our Cycle Training Delivery Guide. Whether you’ve been an instructor for years, or are on your way to becoming one, this guide is here to support you on your journey.

In these pages you’ll discover how to teach riders – of all ages and abilities – to cycle safely and with confidence. You’ll also help them to experience the joy, freedom and fun of cycling, as well as its practical use in everyday life.

The cycle training you will deliver has many important benefits. Our research shows that good training inspires riders to cycle more often, helping to boost their physical fitness and mental wellbeing. It also encourages more people to choose cycling for short journeys, whether that’s to school, work or to the shops.

This means riders can make positive changes – not just to their own lives, but to society at large. By enabling people to cycle on today’s roads, we are giving them the power to improve the air quality where they live, reduce congestion, save on transport costs and lower their carbon footprint.

Which is why we need to act now. We know that people who receive training from a young age are much more likely to show a sustained interest in cycling. We need our current and future generations to learn the cycling skills that will last them a lifetime.

But we also believe it is never too late to learn. Cycle training should be accessible to all, no matter how young or old. The Bikeability Trust wants to make sure that every child and every adult has the opportunity to enjoy the experience of cycling. Inclusivity is at the very heart of what we do, and everybody is welcome.

So, we are delighted that you are joining us. Thank you for your passion, commitment and enthusiasm to get everyone cycling.

The Bikeability Trust