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5.4.8 How to carry out assessments of riders

Formative assessment happens throughout the training course. You continuously assess, provide feedback and track each rider’s progress.

You can start this type of assessment when meeting riders for the first time. You can do this even earlier by referring to consent forms and getting relevant information from the school or organiser.

Summative assessment happens at the end of the training course. You record your final assessment of each rider’s performance, and give the rider guidance and tips on how to improve.

Your assessment of each rider should consider their competence, consistency and confidence when carrying out specific activities. The Activity Templates provide a set of instructing points which you should see carried out during the activity.

  • Competent: The rider can do the activity well, and makes the right decisions.
  • Consistent: The rider does the activity well on most occasions.
  • Confident: The rider can do the activity well with no encouragement or support needed.