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8.2. About The Bikeability Trust

The Bikeability Trust is a charitable incorporated organisation with the role of managing, developing and promoting the Bikeability programme on behalf of the Department for Transport. The Trust supports the administration of the Bikeability industry. It does this through instructor and training provider registration, payment of grant to local highways authorities, monitoring of training places delivered, and the External Quality Assurance process.

The Trust’s vision is that everybody has the confidence and ability to cycle safely and can enjoy this skill for life.

Our vision at Bikeability

  • Child focussed: We deliver cycle training to both children and adults, but the majority of delivery is helping children learn the life skill of cycling. 
  • Quality: Our instructors deliver high-quality, consistent cycle training across England. 
  • Inclusivity: We take action to reduce barriers to participation and ensure that anyone who wishes to access Bikeability cycle training is able to. 
  • Efficiency: Our delivery programme offers value for money and is delivered in an economic and efficient way.
  • Influence: We share our evidence of the impact of cycle training across a variety of sectors (transport, education, environment, health and leisure). 
  • Collaboration: We work with stakeholders, partners and commercial organisations to achieve our vision and ensure Bikeability is a household name.