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8.3.1 Ratios and session timings

Bikeability training can be delivered with one or more instructors, in line with local safeguarding policies and operating procedures. 

One-to-one teaching is also an option for Bikeability courses at all levels. The time needed for this will depend on the ability of the rider.

The table below sets out ratios per instructor. Your training provider may require you to work as a pair, in that case, the number of riders you can take per ‘minimum time requirement’ duration can be doubled.

ModuleMaximum number of riders per instructorMinimum time requirements
Bikeability Balance6 (or up to 12 with help from a teacher or teaching assistant)4–6 sessions lasting between 30 and 45 minutes
Bikeability Learn to Ride3Duration and number of
sessions dictated by rider
Bikeability Bus6N/A
Bikeability Fix62 hours
Bikeability Family*6Up to 3 hours
Bikeability Adult32 hours

*A ‘family’ means at least two people. At least one member of the family needs to be under 18 years old and at least one over 18 years old.

Timings for core modules:
Note that Bikeability Level 2 courses with more than three riders per instructor must not be delivered in a single day.

ModuleMaximum number of riders per instructorMinimum time requirements
Bikeability Level 1 9–122 hours
Bikeability Level 1 5–81.5 hours
Bikeability Level 1 2–41 hours
Bikeability Level 266 hours
Bikeability Level 2 55 hours
Bikeability Level 2 44 hours
Bikeability Level 2 33 hours
Bikeability Level 2 1–22 hours
Bikeability Level 332 hours

Provisionally qualified instructors count towards the ratios above when working as a pair, for example, can deliver in a ratio of 2:12 over 6 hours. But must always be paired with a fully qualified instructor.