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6.2. Risk assessment during training (dynamic RBA)

Managing risk during training (known as dynamic risk assessment) is at least as important as formal risk assessment. It recognises that things can change and that you need to make decisions based on what is happening at the time.

The following checklist will help you to manage risk during your sessions, while making sure your riders are getting the challenge they need.

Dynamic risk benefit assessment checklist

Is the location suitable for the riders?

Do I need to adapt activities according to the individual needs of the riders?

Can I see all the riders and my co-instructor?

Do I know where to position each instructor? (They need to be at the points of highest risk during rider activities.)

What’s happening on the road and the pavement?

What is the speed of the traffic and how many vehicles are there?

What variety of vehicles are there?

What’s the weather like? 

What’s the road surface like?

What is the riders’ and instructors’ mood and what are their energy levels like? 

Are everyone’s cycles working properly? 

Do all clothes fit properly, including shoes and laces?

Are helmets fitted properly?