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7.2.2 Front instructor

What to do as a rear instructor:

  • Move the group into the road once the rear instructor is in the road.
  • Move the group off once the rear instructor has given you the agreed signal. Make sure you are happy with the conditions around you.  
  • Set the line in the road by your position – think about the speed and volume of traffic, the width of the road and sight lines.  
  • Pick safe locations for the group to pull in to. Check there is room for riders to stop next to the kerb and leave the road. 
  • Decide when to ‘double up’ (making the snake shorter and wider). You may want to do this when approaching lights or junctions to get through quicker, or if you want to stop people from overtaking when it may be risky to do so. Do consider the size, width and speed of different types of cycles when planning to do this – you should avoid doubling up with wider cycles.
  • Know the route and communicate any turns or lane changes early to the rear instructor to give them time to get into position. 
  • Raise your hand vertically before signalling so the rear instructor can see your signal above the heads of the riders.
  • Use a vertical arm signal to call the rear instructor to the front, including at crossroads, or if you need their support.  
  • Set the pace of the group by keeping the slowest rider behind you where you can monitor their speed. 

In this diagram the rear instructor can choose to position themselves slightly further out to avoid vehicles overtaking or to remain in primary position.

In this diagram the front instructor leads the group through the junctions. When turning into the minor road the rear instructor positions themselves where they can see and assist decision making at the junction. They will typically move up the right side of the group for a left turn, and the left side for a right turn, but this can change depending on the situation and space.

In this diagram a group has become split. The front instructor pulls over to allow the group to reform. The rear instructor waits at the junction until it is safe to shepherd the split group to rejoin.