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7.4. Doubling up

When moving your riders (by snaking or shepherding) you can do this with a single line of riders, or use the ‘doubling up’ technique. This makes the line shorter and more manageable.

Doubling up is useful to move quickly through junctions and lights. It is also useful when you’re able to safely let drivers overtake you as a shorter line of riders. 

To move from single file to doubling up, the instructor shouts ‘double up’ or gives an agreed hand signal to the group. The rider in the second position then moves to ride on the right of the first rider, the fourth to the right of the third and so on until the group is riding in pairs, side by side. 

Riders who are not moving position should slow down while the riders moving position should speed up. The opposite needs to happen when moving back to single file.

Do consider the size, width and speed of different types of cycles when planning to double up – you should avoid doubling up with wider cycles.