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8.3.2 Teaching approach – the journey

Bikeability training should help riders to think about cycling on their own or in groups after the course has finished.

When practising on the road, try to get your riders to think of their training as a journey (rather than a set of separate activities at different locations).

Involve your riders at every stage of the activity by asking them where they would like to go and what route they would like to take.

Of course, you should then decide whether the route is suitable for this particular group of riders. Is it too hard or too simple for their ability? What infrastructure is coming up? You should also think about whether you can do the route in the time that you have.

Once you’re on your journey, continue assessing your riders’ abilities and the level of risk as you stop at different sites to teach activities. Remember, you can change the order of activities to suit the journey and the needs of the group.

Every location will be different. Always think about where you are and what sort of skills your riders will need to make their journey.