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7.2.1 Rear instructor 

What to do as a rear instructor:

  • When starting and finishing a journey, remember you will be the first person to enter the road and the last to leave it.
  • Check that the riders are ready to go, signalling to the front instructor that there is enough time and space to move off. 
  • Anticipate the need for the snake to move right (or sometimes left), such as when changing lane on a multi-lane road or to overtake a parked car. You move first so make space for them to move in front of you. 
  • Arrive at give way situations (some junctions, roundabouts, road narrowings) before the group, supporting riders as they make the decision to go or wait. Do not block other road users or direct traffic and do your best not to get in the way of each rider’s observations. Instructors should not influence other road users to give the group priority but may assist a group moving through a junction if priority is given. 
  • If the group is split at a junction, shepherd the separated riders back to the main group. 
  • Communicate to the front instructor when it’s safe to go through junctions or blind bends by being in the best position to judge this. 
  • Arrive at locations where you may need to stop the snake or part of the snake (traffic lights, pedestrian crossings). If the snake splits, you will need to take charge of the remaining riders in these situations. 
  • Observe and encourage riders in the snake who may be struggling by riding alongside them and giving advice about their position or gear selection. 
  • Inform the rear rider that you are moving forward and ask them to check back and signal where necessary. Make sure the rider you have chosen to go at the rear is able to do this.
  • Manage drivers behind the snake with positive communication. Use your body language and positioning to discourage overtaking when there is not time and space to do so.
  • Thank drivers for their patience with a wave and a smile.