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3.6.7 Priorities: Following priority rules in line with the Highway Code

Wherever you’re riding, you need to know the ‘rules of the road’.

When cycling in traffic-free environments, you understand that pedestrians have priority and so you should slow down or stop for them and give them plenty of space. You understand that certain traffic-free environments (such as some parks, paths or pavements) do not allow cycling.

You must follow the priority rules when cycling on the road and recognise that this is particularly important at junctions. You understand that rules and information regarding the environment in which you are riding are often shown through signals of different shapes, signs and road markings.

You know that, in most cases, road users who are continuing straight ahead have priority over those who need to slow or stop. So, road users on a side road wanting to turn onto a main road will give way to road users on the main road. You understand that Give Way Lines and Give Way triangle signs and road markings indicate this. You understand that unless there is a Stop Line (a solid white line), road users do not always need to stop behind Give Way Lines. You also understand and follow all traffic light signals.